idea couture / cognizant: leading teams during acquisitions

Two companies going through a merger or acquisition can create a powerful new entity; they can also be anxiety filled times, with executives and individual contributors alike wondering what will come next, if the reorganizations will be done in effective and sensible ways, and what positions may remain or be cut.  Beyond leadership changes, what will the new thought space of vision look like? My experience running a global experience design practice and leading it through two acquisitions has given me some valuable insights about what may and may not work well in a merger or acquisition and how to keep morale high and continue to lead design teams effectively.


Logisitcal practices

grounding in design

Cognizant is an absolutely giant company with over 250,000 employees. Keeping the spirit of design alive in such a large technical organization requires an understanding of how design can exhibit value to a broad spectrum of leaders.

I've worked closely with executives at Cognizant subsidiary Idea Couture to counsel on how to best integrate the merger of the two design cultures into a global brand with maximum impact.