degenerate art ensemble:

Creative advising, ideation

It has always fascinated me that there is such a split between design and art communities. At times, the rift can even be hostile. My work in each field has allowed me to learn and master some powerful techniques in ideation and evaluation. It is a personal mission of mine to help integrate these two communities with one and other, and to help educate people about the powerful tools they can leverage from each space.


feedback and critique

I've worked for over a decade with Seattle based performing troupe The Degenerate Art Ensemble, first running the record label that released their music, and then as a creative advisor and facilitator of ideation sessions. Over that decade, I've seen them grow from a loose collective into a Guggenheim award winning dance and large scale theater group, partnering with symphonies in Prague and winning residences with Robert Wilson in New York.


Application of design thinking in performance

Various strategy, ideation and evaluation techniques can have just as much place in the creative arts as they do in design. Most artists never have the exposure to them that would showcase their power. Card sorts, concept matrices, diary studies, journey maps, personas, role playing, storyboarding, road mapping and de Bono's Six Thinking Hats are only a few of the many that can have a profound impact. 


prototyping of large scale installations

I have executed many sketches and small paper prototypes for DAE, helping them to envision their installations on a smaller scale prior to significant investment of time and materials. The sample above is a concept rendering to take place in Gettysburg through the National Parks Service.