faculty: division of design, university of washington

I have spent the past few years on the full-time faculty at the University of Washington, where I have primarily lectured graduate students in the competitive Masters in Human Computer Interaction and Design program (MHCID). A newer program, I was drawn to the opportunity to work with such a young entity and shape and influence the curriculum and coursework for the next generation of technologists and designers.


MHCID and Design at UW

The MHCID coursework is a mixture of studio and lecture classes, taught by myself, the program director and faculty from the 4 sponsoring departments -Human Centered Design and Engineering, the iSchool, Computer Science and the Division of Design. I've taught a number of courses to MHCID and design students across campus, among them Ideation Studio, Visual Storytelling, Design / Innovation & Society, Design of Interactive Systems, Prototyping and Capstone. 

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Curriculum building

The majority of the material I teach I have developed myself, culled from 15 years as a commercial designer and theoretical foundations found in design theory. We frequently will partner with industry guests on the design of commercially oriented applications. Our Ideation Studio class in 2016 featured a user researcher from Electronic Arts and was focused on behavior change and gamification. 


Critique and learning environment

My classes are spaces where all ideation is encouraged and editing is reserved for the evaluation and filtering stage. Giving all students a voice, wether they are extraverted or introverted is fundamental to our success as a group of co-explorers, and special attention is paid to the cross-cultural aptitudes and talents the global student population brings into the studio. Our critiques are poignant though tempered so as not to terrify new designers. Rubrics are used in evaluation and the nature and function of critique as a practice is increasingly understood throughout the year.