gage academy: Arts advocacy and business strategy in georgetown

In 2017, the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle stands as one of the few artistic havens remaining in close proximity to downtown. How can this neighborhood and its core artistic culture be preserved and amplified in the face of gentrification?


the future of the district

Working with the education director of Gage's Georgetown Atelier, we explored ideas around services and technology platforms that would be useful for the local population of artists.

As the neighborhood rapidly changes, local artists and arts orgs consider what systems may help shield them from displacement...


The gage academy

Groups like Gage and Equinox Studios are fortifying the neighborhood from gentrification by establishing themselves and leasing and purchasing property. I worked with Gage leaders to initiate an audit and classification system of art studio locations in the neighborhood.


local character

Seattle is changing fast. Without designers, technologists and arts orgs working together to create systems to better protect artists, we will be faced with a homogenized and dull city.