harman: design culture, user advocacy and process establishment

Building and running the cross-cultural design practice at Harman subsidiary Symphony Teleca / Aditi was no small effort. Logistics and workflow management were of course challenges when working in multiple time zones, but even more important was creating a global design culture centered around design thinking and fostering expression and personal creative growth.

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building a world class design culture

Leading a design team requires more than mastering the logistics and workflow of the contributors. Designers are a curious, hungry group of learners and creators and without a sense of belonging, togetherness and continual design challenges, their creative life will wither and the group spirit will atrophy and eventually die. Death can come as loss of revenue, poor performance, or attrition - all three if one is terribly careless.

I have a notable expertise in building global design culture, a place where people can grow, excel and be recognized for effort and talent. This culture forms around a design thinking process and methodology, which in turn ties into the logistics of activity and workflow. 

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notable growth in personnel, PRocess and billing

Over the course of my two years as UX director, the team bloomed and the company went through two acquisitions; along with our cloud capabilities, design was cited in press releases as a major factor and value in the purchases. All the while in these transitions, we stuck to our advocacy for the users and research as a fundamental component in design strategy and engineering efforts.

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humor, energy, skills

The right design culture demands a lot of creative effort from the designers, and in the right place, they will willingly give. When designers know they are supported by teammates and leaders and the design practice exists with a positive energy, growth is a natural and comfortable process.