Indigo slate: advising and coaching

Indigo Slate is a premier marketing and technology agency in Bellevue / Redmond, where they create commercials, instructional content and marketing sites for clients like Google, Microsoft, Boeing and Alaska Airlines. They've been highly successful the past 5 years, and teams of young creatives may have individual or group oriented questions about how best to tackle organizational, logistical and personal style challenges that can arise in a rapidly growing company. 


a simple walk in the woods

It is amazing what a little walk can do for one trying to sort out the challenges of work. Reflection provides the time to see ones self in a larger context of things, regain composure and direction, and plan for the coming weeks. Walking through a small patch of woods near the office, I worked individually with various team leads to help them understand their personal goals in the rapidly growing company, and how best to achieve them using their own unique talents and in partnership with others.


workflow, self reflection and goals

Work should be someplace you want to be. Improving workflow and communication practices between various teams can give work centeredness and grounding rather than having it feel siloed and disjointed. Understanding individual and team goals creates an opportunity for a unified vision. Part of my work was to facilitate sessions with the practice leads mapping various teams to project timelines centered around design thinking.