nasa space grant consortium: information design for the sciences

Good science increasingly needs to sell itself. Wether it is seeking government grants or funding from private investors, science equates to business, and business needs to be sold. I've worked closely with the young scientists in the NASA Space Grant Consortium at UW to help them understand how best to communicate their ideas to potential investors, colleagues and laypeople.


Posters and Info Design

Orally presenting one's science comes easily for some, though others may feel it challenging; a well designed poster with strong hierarchy, clear infographics and a balanced composition can serve as a valuable aid when presenting.


Showcasing research

Research can be captured in many forms, not all of them suitable for sharing. Knowing how to position data most effectively, wether through informational graphics, tables or written descriptions is strong skill I've worked with the scientists on. 


hands on activities

Having the attendees create mock posters using wireframing techniques and discussing best practices through a critique of existing posters and other examples has been well received by the program directors and the young scientists alike.